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A street in La Carolina is named after Josefa Segovia Morón

LA CAROLINA, Jaén, Spain.
The mayor of La Carolina, Yolanda Reche, presided over an act to honor some people from her town and other Andalusians by naming streets after them.  One of these people is Josefa Segovia Morón.

0616-1This act was the culmination of a plenary agreement, reached unanimously by politicians to change the names of eight streets to eliminate Franco’s symbols. In this way, the Spanish Law on Historical Memory is fulfilled and tribute is paid to different personalities who, directly or indirectly, worked for the town.

The tour began at Josefa Segovia Morón Street, dedicated to this educator who founded the first high school in La Carolina.  It continued through other streets to recognize one of the most relevant people of La Carolina’s Carnival, a gender violence prosecutor who resides in the municipality; a poet from the town, one of the writers of the Spanish exile who returned to his town to live here his last years; an actress and dancer, among others.  

The mayor said that "these are people have a link with our town, have worked for it or have contributed to the country.”

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