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Wednesday, 26 April 2017 00:00

Centennial of Santa Teresa School, León: Feeling at home

LEÓN, Spain.
On the centenary of Santa Teresa school in León, a touching meeting was held on March 25, when alumni from different generations came together to feel "at home" and visited the places where they shared so many hours.

0426-1Julia María González, alumni, current Secretary General of the Teresian Association and consultant to the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See, spoke on the theme: Alumni of the Teresian Association: Sharing the challenges of today's world.


She recalled that Saint Pedro Poveda, a man passionate about education, believed in youth as essential. She explained through the following images the fundamental features of the spirituality of the Teresian Association:

A bowl full of salt that seasons: "Ye are salt of the earth."

Mostar bridge symbolizing the union of Faith and knowledge. Pedro Poveda offered a way of associating around an idea that did not set borders.

Hands in the dough with yeast: Saint Pedro Poveda looked at everything human with appreciation and was involved in daily living with the efficacy of yeast and salt.

"The challenge is to continue dreaming, trying, inventing, working, and creating paths. Continue to believe in that other world that is possible and continue to engage at different moments in life," she concluded.

The encounter continued with hugs, memories and emotions. They shared refreshments and sang songs. A small image of the "Child Mary" was displayed for the attendees.


Information: Santa Teresa School, León