Saturday, 28 January 2017 00:00

The film POVEDA has also been screened in Jerusalem

In one of the halls of the Vatican building, "Notre Dame Center of Jerusalem," the film POVEDA was screened before an international audience on December 10.

The characteristics of Jerusalem, unique among other cities, where people from different countries live and where the Gospel is proclaimed daily in many languages, was the scene of the screening of the film POVEDA. Some fifty people of different nationalities participated: Spain, France, the Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and the United States. Among them was a niece of Margarita Piñero, a Franciscan Sister, a former student of the Teresian Association from Teruel, the superior of the Combonian Missionaries, and a Jesuit. Monsignor Marco Formica, personal secretary to the Nuncio, and the Consul General of Spain, Mr. Rafael Matos González de Careaga, were there and shared their impressions about the life of Saint Pedro Poveda, whom they did not know.

0128-1Some reactions to the movie were: "Exciting, I am proud to have been a student of the Teresians." "I could not miss the movie, I loved it, I love the people of the Teresian Association," said Margarita Piñero's niece. "It ought to be shown in schools so that students learn to resolve conflicts without violence," said an Arab-Israeli, Catholic spectator. "I am convinced that one’s attitude towards martyrdom is something that the Lord prepares you for throughout life; it is a process that is reached when, throughout that same process, one lives in availability to the will of God. It is a film you have to show at the seminaries of the Latin Patriarchate, the Salesians, even the Franciscans; its a great example for future priests, you can learn what it is to be a priest," said Monsignor Marco Formica. The realization of the film, the actors, and the director were also praised.

The room where the screening took place had just been renovated with the latest technology and perfect acoustics. The first time to be used was for the film POVEDA. The experience will be repeated in Bethlehem and Nazareth.

Asumpta Nicolau, from Jerusalem



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