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Success of POVEDA, the Movie, in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines.
The film POVEDA finally arrived in the Philippines. The premiere was held in Manila on December 3, 2016 as had been planned – that it take place as a celebration of the day of his birth.    

0126-3A brief but meaningful introduction of the film and a prayer sang by a student of Saint Pedro Poveda College set the tone for its opening.  The event was a success as it was attended by members of the Teresian Association (TA), priest friends, parish priests, seminarians and friends.  Although the dialogue was in Spanish, its simple and clear subtitles in English made it possible to follow the sequence of the narrative.      

Saint Pedro Poveda College provided free days for students, faculty, non-teaching personnel and janitors to watch the film. TA teachers in other schools also made an effort to bring some of their students to see the film as it was later shown in Ayala Mall Cinemas.  

Thanks to the support given by owners of the Ayala Mall Cinemas,  the film was shown for regular screening in several of these, not only in Manila, but in Legazpi, province of Bicol, in Cebu, in Cagayan de Oro, and  in Davao.  

0126-4It has been through the partnership of the Teresian Association International (TAII), civil entity of the TA in the Philippines and VIVA FILMS, Local Film Distributor, that the film was brought to the Philippinnes. The project, moreover, was assumed as a joint venture of the Asociación de Alumnas de Poveda (AAP), the Poveda Parents Association (PPA) and the Student Council of Poveda (SCOP).

Their joint dedication to promoting the project resulted in the attainment of the objectives they had set forth: to share the life and vision of Saint Pedro Poveda and to make his life known.  It was also an occasion to raise funds for the educational and social development works of the TA in the Philippines. For this they could count on the generosity of the Poveda students, parents and alumnae.  

Information: Teresian Association, Philippines



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