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The Teresian Association in Argentina has assumed the management of Fahy School

MORENO, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Teresian Association in Argentina has assumed the management of a new schoolin 2016, Fahy Institute, in the Municipality of Moreno located in the western area of the so-called "Greater Buenos Aires." It is an agricultural technical school with three levels of education through secondary education, founded by the Association of Ladies of Saint Joseph (Irish community) in the late nineteenth century.

 The school was managed first by the Marist Brothers, then by the “Palotinos,” and since 2000 till 2015 by the Marian Fraternity Group.


History of Fahy Institute

The Association of Ladies of Saint Joseph is part of the Irish community in Argentina and has worked since 1891 in the Christian formation of children and young people. Initially they began working with orphaned Irish children in the Capilla del Señor area and in 1930 they built a boarding school in the town of Moreno, 40 km from the city of Buenos Aires, in the current school building. With the passage of time the area was populated with internal migration and bordering countries becoming a border area between urban and rural.

Currently the Institute is a public school run by private groups.  It provides education to some 537 children and young people. When they finish their the students receive the degree of "Agrarian technicians."


1230-9The website of the school reads: "In the middle of the 19th century, the first Irish immigrants arrived in Argentina, fleeing from religious persecution against Catholics and poverty. They were generously welcomed and settled mainly in the countryside. Their peasant background enabled them to work in that area. The years passed and with honesty and hard work the Irish community prospered and grew.

1230-0At the end of the 1800’s, during the presidency of Juárez Celman, about 1.000 families arrived on February 8, 1889, escaping from a ferocious famine in Ireland. Preparations failed to adequately accommodate such a large group and many, without money, work or knowledge of the language, went through terrible situations and died, leaving many orphans behind.

The well-established Irish wives and daughters formally came together in 1891 to welcome the children of these unfortunate families, creating the Association led by Marion Murphy de Mulhall. Its creation was marked by the need to shelter, feed and educate Irish children who had been left orphaned, totally abandoned and drifting in a foreign country with an unknown language. The Association obtained legal status in 1897.

These pioneers worked tirelessly to "provide education, Catholic values, spiritual and material wellbeing and train people to be useful in society," as stated in their statutes.

Innovate to take over management

At the end of 2014, the Association of Ladies of Saint Joseph, a civil association that owns Fahy Institute, made contact with the Teresian Association in Argentina through Monsignor Fernando Maletti, Bishop of the diocese of Merlo-Moreno, to ask them to assume the administrative, pedagogical and spiritual management of said school. After two years, the Teresian Association in Argentina assumed the project. It was a journey that involved making contact with that reality, extensive negotiations, common searches, dreams, projects and procedures. In the beginning of 2016, the transfer of the management of Fahy Institute to Victoria Díez Civil Association, created for this purpose, took place.

The new civil association has the commitment of members of the Primary Association and ACIT. 


Journeying together

Throughout the year of transition to assume the management of the school, Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association and members of the Governing Council, Carmen Lizarraga, Elisa Esteves and Cecilia Padvalskis, visited the school. It was lovely to share with them the life and projects of this new field of mission and to feel their encouragement, enthusiasm and support!



During this first year of management, activities were carried out involving the other Educational Centers of the Teresian Association in Argentina and Uruguay. The management teams of the two schools of Buenos Aires and one in Montevideo participated in the training of collaborators.  Also, students from the three schools, who are part of Youth Ministry of Argentina and Uruguay, participated in the V Meeting of young people, held in Montevideo in October. 





Website of Instituto Fahy

Marta Olmedo and Claudio Rodriguez, from Moreno, Province of Buenos Aires



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