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Letter of the Year 2017: Courage and clarity of vision

ROMA, Italy.
"Courage and clarity of vision" is the theme addressed by Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, in the Letter of the Year 2017. In it she presents the motto that will accompany the mission of the Association in the various contexts: Be courageous! Do not be afraid! The Spirit of the Lord is fortitude and love!

1226-2“The jubilee Year of Mercy, launched by Pope Francis when he entered through the Holy Door in St Peter’s Basilica on 8 December 2015 and when he closed it on 20 November 2016, has left behind a taste of a new spiritual conversion, a new call to be reborn of water and the Spirit.

For all of us, friends, collaborators and members of the Teresian Association, this year has been coloured by trust. We have recognised that we cannot live without trusting in someone, especially the One who has given deep meaning to our lives, or without feeling the trust of others who encourage us to face challenges, risk new ways and open doors.”

And she continues: "The courage that we want to develop this year has to do with our personal and collective inner freedom, a freedom with many faces, including our own and those of all the people who find in Pedro Poveda’s charism a direction for our being and our acting. From trust, courage can lead us to new choices, new possibilities, new horizons, projects and commitments.”

Courage is the virtue through which we can dare to act, when neither anything nor anyone can stand in our way. That is why courage has to do with our clear-sightedness, our understanding of reality, our ability to differentiate, to discern and choose.

The human person is a being who asks questions and is self-questioning, is always searching for new answers. Courage helps us to enter a dynamic of life which keeps us awake, attentive, sensitive to reality, disposed to look towards a future which has yet to materialise.” 

The text is organized into four sections:

  1. The time for courage
  2. Courage and strength.
  3. Courage and prophecy
  4. Courage and freedom

Maite Uribe offers the Letter of the year 2017 to members, collaborators and friends of the Teresian Association, and wishes everyone a happy New Year. Be courageous! Do not be afraid! The Spirit of the Lord is fortitude and love!

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