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Encarnación Molina is honored at Veritas Institute in Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.
Authorities and alumni of Veritas Institute in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, recognized the merits, commitment, and dedication to teaching of Encarnación Molina, a retired teacher and member of the Teresian Association who worked at the Institute and returned to this country after 35 years.

Rosanna Rivera said that Encarnita, as she is known, admitted that she needs to process this great honor offered to her and said "It was a gift from God."

When asked about her experience in the school when she worked there, she said: "I really enjoyed the contact with my students and, of course, with many families. I was also impressed by the educational commitment we had for the future of the students so that the values ​​would not just stay with them, but they would have some influence on the society of the Dominican Republic."

She states that her contact with the school brought her all kinds of pleasant experiences and others not so enjoyable. "There never was anything unsavory or frustrations. There was fighting, much compensation and the conviction that the team was strongly convinced about one of the cornerstones of Saint Pedro Poveda, who said: 'Give me a vocation and I will give you back a school, a method and a pedagogy.’ That we lived each day and it gave meaning to whatever was done."

Encarnación Molina explains that the aim was for students to be agents of change, and that they were filled with joy and meaning when they saw that what the team did was right because the results were there. "You gave me much and you welcomed me; that meant a lot to me. I had many great experiences, cultural weeks, camping and other experiences that will always be part of my life, and that was my greatest experience."

1027-3On the philosophy of the Teresian Association, she says that it still remains one hundred percent with the effort of each day, with updates of the founding charism, which is what has always guided the school. "The contribution of Saint Pedro Poveda to the Church was to form an Association of lay people who would be inserted as true Christians in society. He always sought all ethical, human and Christians values to promote a transformation of society," she explains.

"We have always tried to implement a pedagogy of love and a family atmosphere." This, in a nutshell means human formation through the dialogue of culture. In short, she admits that the best philosophy of a teaching Association is precisely to teach values.

"I am delighted to say that at we came at the right time and with the attitudes that the country deserved, because it had also changed. On why she had not returned in 35 years, she said the conditions were not there, but she was touched, full of respect and gratitude to God for returning at this time.

She adds that she was very excited at knowing about this reunion, which is a new experience for her after three and a half decades "without coming to her beloved Dominican Republic, she said, where she has always received love and respect. I feel I have been part of Teresian education in its educational presence."

With joy she also says that Veritas Institute is part of the teaching network and a fertile part of the Teresian Association. "Looking back to the past with nostalgia alone leads nowhere. One spends a good time remembering the past and the page is turned, here the page is not turned. You ask me what I felt ... I felt that the page is not turned. It's like a tree that has deep roots, and there is no hurricane that may bring this tree down. There are seasons, there are changes and the essential remains, and I cannot express this feeling. It was all worth it."

Source: Listín Diario.
Full story in Spanish: Encarnación Molina de vuelta a RD



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