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Generosity and charm, essential to the Teresian spirit of Saint Pedro Poveda

MADRID, Spain.
On the feast of Saint Teresa of Jesus, on October 15, we publish "Generosity and charm, essential to the Teresian spirit of Saint Pedro Poveda," a text written by Mª Encarnación González Rodriguez on the occasion of the V Centenary of St. Teresa which was celebrated last year.

"The V centenary of her birth (2015) and the recent centenary of the foundation of the Teresian Association (2011) provide more than enough reasons to deepen into the fact that four centuries later this characteristic of the Reformer of the Carmel has emerged as definite and strong in a new  Work of the Church,” says the author in introducing the text that has been published as a reprint in the journal Burguense (56/2: 409-439, 2015) of the Department of Theology of Northern Spain, based in Burgos.

In this publication Mª Encarnación González comments on writings and actions of Saint Pedro Poveda that make reference to Saint Teresa of Jesus, of whom he emphasized her generosity and charm, her attractive spirit, her ability to make difficult things as simple as possible, her "naturalness," her very high prayer in the midst of the many and varied daily tasks.

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