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Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, with InteRed

MADRID, Spain.
Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, participated in the XVIII Training Conference organized by InteRed that took place in Madrid the weekend of September24-24.

0929-6More than 90 people, committed to social transformation, participated.  They came from delegations and committees that this NGO has in Spain. The aim of the conference was to reflect on the Sustainable Development Goals: A horizon of equality and care.

On her address to the participants, Maite Uribe said: "InteRed shares the same mission of the Teresian Association (TA), which is well expressed in the statutes of 1990:" the mission of the TA is to seek to promote human advancement and transform social structures through education and culture in both public and private entities and organizations." “Terms such as education, culture, social transformation, human advancement, public presence, are common elements that InteRed gives shape to in its own goals. "

She said that "InteRed was born as a concrete response, even though the social action of the TA had begun much earlier, but it was necessary to articulate and coordinate actions with other organizations."

She also said: "your volunteering is much more than a job; it is a way of being in the world, building relationships of equity, enabling another world, another future. I want to thank you for your social commitment through InteRed."

Referring to the role of women, she said that "The TA has a place men and women, and the advancement of women in society is lived intensely. There is a long history of strong and committed women, risk-takers, with a strong background that opened roads in many parts of the world for women. In InteRed you work towards equality of women. Thank you for making possible an inclusive feminism with a capacity for dialogue. 


Content of the Conference

InteRed works on goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, with regard to quality education; and on Goal 5 on gender equality. Two goals rooted in the organization since its inception. InteRed works for a just, equitable, quality education and for inclusive lifelong learning; in favor of people and groups who have their right and access to education violated.

One of the speakers was activist Pablo Martinez Osés, project consultant to combat poverty and member of the Platform 2015 that develops advocacy actions on SDG.

Transformative education is part of InteRed’s mission, described in the Strategic Plan III. InteRed promotes transformative education as a right, and also as a means to build subjects and more just societies; where exclusion and inequality, whatever they are, are reduced or disappear.

National and international experiences were shared on transformative education at the conference. They also reflected on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


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