Thursday, 29 September 2016 00:00

The Ministry of Education of Peru has granted a high award to Maria Leonor Romero Ochoa

LIMA, Peru.
Maria Leonor Romero Ochoa has been honored by the Ministry of Education of Peru with the following award: “Palmas magisteriales en el Grado de Amauta.” This is the highest recognition that a teacher may receive in Peru for his/her professional itinerary in favor of education in the country. Elsa Tueros, presents the profile of this great educator.

0926-3Lala, as she is known colloquially, worked in the school of the Teresian Association, at a school in the Peruvian Amazon, where she devoted her energies to Aboriginal children in the Amazon area of Peru. Then she traveled through the marginalized sandbanks of Lima, in the then called pueblo Joven de Villa El Salvador (Young people of Villa El Salvador). There, when there were no ways and means to live humanely, she led the school "Fe y Alegría No. 17".

Later she was called to be part of the technical team of "Fe y Alegría," where she has worked about thirty-five years. She is currently General Director of Educational Training of Fe y Alegría in Peru. She has been in different areas of the Peruvian geography bringing her human and pedagogical knowledge to teachers in public schools and spreading her enthusiasm and joy to the children and youth of the neediest parts of Peru.

We are happy to note how the School and the Center for Teacher Education of the Teresian Association in Lima planted the seed and consolidated in Lala the charism and spirituality of a Work made for tough times, like our present time in American and global societies. When she describes herself, she always says that she is a teacher and that her greatest satisfaction is to work for people to discover how to grow as humans and to be happy.

Lala is no friend of high places or honors, and when receiving the Award, she blushed because she is convinced that such merit is not for her. However, those who know her, who we live near her and love her feel as a proud family because we see that her presence in Fe y Alegría is a reflection of what Pedro Poveda wanted for a person of the Teresian Association: Being ethical and democratic citizens, with their mind and heart in the present moment, people who seek education for equity, inclusion and quality of life for all, especially for the needy.

On the day of the award ceremony, in the presence of so many personalities from civil society and the government, the Teresian Association in Peru felt rewarded in the person of Lala Romero.


The celebration ended with a warm gathering of the large Teresian family. Many people thanked Lala for the testimony that her life gives us and for her dedication to education without measure. We feel that Saint Pedro Poveda looks with great joy and gratitude at Lala and at the whole Teresian Association in Peru.

Elsa Tueros W., from Lima.




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