Wednesday, 20 April 2016 00:00

App: I have something to tell you, Pedro Poveda

MADRID, Spain.
A new App for mobile devices with the content of the book "I have something to tell you, Pedro Poveda,” published by Narcea Editions, may be downloaded.

The application follows the outline of the paper publication "I have something to tell you," a selection of short texts of Pedro Poveda originally aimed at young people, although it is also valid for all audiences.

Who is talking to you?
You and the other
God and you
You and the world


The App is an excellent resource to have ideas and thoughts of Saint Pedro Poveda on hand. It works in the different platforms: Android, Windows, and Apple. It has been edited by Narcea Editions. It was designed by Alberto Martinez and presented by Maria Dolores Gómez Molleda. At this time the app is in Spanish and it will be released in English soon. From the app one can go to to obtain further information and knowledge about this holy priest and educator from Linares.

How to access it

From a mobile device, one should go to the platform corresponding to your mobile device.  To find it, type "Tengo algo que decirte" Pedro Poveda.  Once it is found, download it. The price is € 0.99 or 1 €, depending on the platform.

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