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Further impact from the premiere of film on POVEDA

MADRID, Spain.
The film on the life and message of Poveda, premiered on Thursday, February 25 at Palafox cinema in Madrid, continues to have an impact. 

The Ministry of Culture, an entity that provides ratings to Spanish films, recommends this one for anyone over seven years of age and for the promotion of Gender Equality.

Fr. Juan José Tuñón Escalada, the Bishop of Guadix-Baza, Ginés García Beltrán, and the Archbishop of Madrid, Carlos Osorio, give their opinion after watching the film.


0227-2In the Facebook account of NGO InteRed ( it reads: "This morning we have attended the press screening of the film titled "Poveda" The social action of Father Poveda continues in many parts of the world; InteRed NGO is one of the social groups of the Teresian Association.

We liked the film, the figure of a man who is a humanist, teacher, and visionary regarding the education he wanted, a man who is essentially good. A fine film, well designed, and with magnificent music."


0227-3In the news agency Zenit, Nieves San Martin  (ZENIT - Madrid)  wrote that with a very long final applause, which exceeded the one already received before starting the show, the premiere of the film titled Poveda ended. The audience thanked Goya Productions and Three Columns Entertaiment, the Teresian Association, Director Pablo Moreno, actors Raul Escudero (Father Poveda), Elena Furiase (Pepita Segovia), Miguel Berlanga (Felipe), Silvia Garcia (Marina), Fran Calvo (Manolo), and all the large team that has helped to give shape in a credible and professional manner to the figure of St. Pedro Poveda, founder of the Teresian Association and and martyr of the faith.

Loreto Ballester, former President of the Teresian Associaton, spoke to ZENIT and said that there was a long silence as they read the long list of names of the people who have made the movie and the list of persons, entities made possible the film. In her opinion, they have used very well the unique environments of Guadix, Covadonga, Oviedo, Jaen which to alow those who did not live in Poveda’s time feel the atmosphere around him in Madrid, in the last period of  Poveda's life.

She continued "And this applause followed the heavy silence because of what that the film leaves inside each person. Near me, I saw Father Angel Garcia (Messengers of Peace), a nephew of Pepita Segovia with his family, with whom I have maintained communication over the years, Canons of the Cathedral of Madrid.”


"A little further, I saw the abbot of the Royal Basilica of Covadonga who goes through the same steps Poveda  walked on to visit the Santina, Monsignor Carlos Osorio, Archbishop of Madrid, a film producer with long experience, a young youth movement following Poveda’s steps today, and many others,” said Loreto Ballester.


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0227-5On Twitter, with the tag #PovedalaPelícula, people are sharing photographs, comments and information about what lived at the premiere:

Those who use social networks may post their comments using the tag #PovedalaPelícula. This is another way to spread the news about the film and its impact. We expect photographs and opinions on the premieres in Seville, Linares, Jaen, Guadix, Ciudad Rodrigo and Cangas de Onis ...




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