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Moving applause at the premiere of POVEDA film in Madrid

MADRID, Spain.
The POVEDA film was premiered in Madrid on February 25.  Almost 700 guests as well as the director, Pablo Moreno, and the artistic and technical cast participated in the event.

0236-1It was an evening of excitement, gratitude, and appreciation of the POVEDA film, which, through the use of flashbacks, narrates major milestones in the life of St. Pedro Poveda.

While the guests were welcomed by five university students from “Colegio Mayor Padre Poveda,” who acted as ushers, Maite Uribe and Lola Martin, President and vice-President of the Teresian Association, along with producers and director received the authorities in front of a large poster with illustrations of film to photograph the moment.



Among the ecclesiastical authorities were the Archbishop of Madrid, Mons. Carlos Osorio, the Papal Nuncio in Spain, Mons. Renzo Fratini; the Bishop of Guadix-Baza, Mons. Ginés García Beltrán; the Abbot of Covadonga, Fr. Juan José Tuñón, the President of CONFER, Luis Angel de las Heras; Fr. Angel García Rodríguez, known as Father Angel; the president of Messenger of Peace NGO; several representatives of lay movements and associations; as well as representatives of religious congregations and several priests. There were also numerous people representing academic and cultural institutions, including the director of the Spanish Film Academy, Antonio Resines, along with other members of the Board. Also, members of the government of the Teresian Association, of International Departments, the Youth Movement Acit, Colegio Mayor Padre Poveda,  Veritas School, the Spirituality Center of Santa Maria de Los Negrales and the International Headquarters, among others. Several relatives of Josefa Segovia also attended.

The artistic cast, led by Raul Escudero (Pedro Poveda) and Elena Furiase (Josefa Segovia) was almost complete, as well as the technical and production equipment.  Also, the music composer of the film, Oscar Martin Leanizbarrutia, attended.


Before the screening, Andrés Garrigó, director of Goya Producciones; Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association; Pablo Moreno, film director; Raul Escudero and Elena Furiase spoke some brief words. Teresa Ekobo (facilitator for these presentations) said that the film has been rated as specially recommended for Gender Equality and unveiled the Solidarity campaign, which consists of donations to purchase tickets for poor people who wish to go to the theater to watch the film. 


Maite Uribe expressed the joy of coming together the premiere of this film, the title of which, POVEDA, expresses who is convening us: Poveda, a good man, a believer, a priest, a witness and teacher in the difficult and beautiful art of uniting people and raising free adherence from people in the effort to achieve together that which we all need: goals of true humanity.

At the end of the film the audience burst into applause. Then some people expressed their impressions. There were many positive comments about the film, which, according to various opinions, manages to convey the story of a great man, a great saint, who had been unknown to many people, who lived in Spain during the conflictive first thirty years of the twentieth century. It is a narrative in a conciliatory spirit, "very Poveda-like," in the words of the director.

My friend Pedro Poveda

Bishop Carlos Osorio, Archbishop of Madrid, in his remarks at the conclusion of the film said:" If I had to say something to the world and to Spain today, I would recommend that they watch this movie. The life of St. Pedro Poveda speaks for itself; it tells us what we must do and how we have to be ... Secondly a word of thanks. When he was beatified I wrote an article titled "My friend Pedro Poveda;" today I leave a closer friend, if we can say this, of Pedro Poveda. Also I say thanks to the Teresian Association, which I got to know in my early years of priestly ministry and I still see that it is a Work of God needed to be present in the world of the laity at this time." Then Bishop Osoro thanked those who made possible the making of the film.

Video of the words of Bishop Carlos Osorio, Archbishop of Madrid, on the POVEDA film 

Trending topics in social networks

In the morning of February 25, the tag #PovedalaPelícula was a trending topic on Twitter in Spain. Between 11 AM and 12 PM Elena Furiase, through her Twitter account, raffled tickets to see the film on opening day, March 4, and the movement that developed caught the trend level during around 14 hours.


Many have been the comments and photos from the premiere in the major social networks. Pilar Pazos also wrote a review of the evening and the film on the website of Teresian  Association- Spain:

The POVEDA film was presented on Friday, February 19, at the Madridmaná Festival, of the Archdiocess of Madrid, and it was also very well received. After the screening there was a forum facilitated by Pablo Moreno, Raul Escudero and Andrés Garrigó, in which more than a hundred people participated. Questions were asked about the design, construction, history and spiritual impact of the movie. The theme of the colloquium was Pedro Poveda, his message, his testimony, and his spirituality. The comments and questions were very much on target.


Upcoming Events

The film will be shown to the public in several cities in Spain starting on March 4. In some places the director, actors and production members will participate in earlier projections: in Sevilla on March 1 at 8:00 PM; in Linares on March 3 at the same time - in the morning of that same day Elena Furiase and Pablo Moreno will be at Pedro Poveda School in Jaén-; Ciudad Rodrigo on March 5. Most likely, on March 6 in Madrid, the actors and the director will greet viewers after the projection. On March 11 at 6:00 PM the movie will be shown in Cangas de Onis, Asturias.

Due to the Oscars, and because this is not a very marketable film, some movie theaters have not yet confirmed their availability for projection. However, gradually the number of cities where the film will be shown has been increasing. On Monday, the list of movie theaters will be updated at:



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