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Wednesday, 30 December 2015 00:00

Recognition of Pedro Poveda Foundation in Guatemala

On 10 December, around the celebration of the Promulgation of Human Rights and the Ninth Congress on Prevention and attention to abuse against children and adolescents, the National Commission on Children and Adolescence recognized Pedro Poveda Foundation with an award for its respect for the rights of children and adolescents. This award recognizes the work Pedro Poveda Foundation performs on behalf of children and adolescents in Guatemala.


In her words of gratitude, Blanca Fuentes said:

"For a decade, Pedro Poveda Foundation has been conducting socio-educational activities that are contributing to the realization of the right to a quality education for children and adolescents in situations of exclusion and social vulnerability in the municipality of Chinautla, through the Xajanaj kahalepana project, which in the pocoman language means ‘moving forward together’. The commitment to children and adolescents has led to actions that promote the right to education and quality education that promotes a comprehensive development. This is a humanizing education that is fulfilling and opens each person to others and reality. An education that calls for change, that invites citizens to commit to the rights of self and others. Children and young people with whom we journey are seeds of a culture of peace because they are protagonists of a citizenry that defends their rights and promotes a life free of violence and discrimination. In these ten years of the project we have seen the fruits of recovery of lives through exercise of their right to education, their right to play and artistic expression, their right to integral development, their right to a life free of violence and, therefore, the right to be happy.


I receive this award on behalf of children, adolescents, young people and communities to which they belong, on behalf of the project team that accompanies their commitment to processes that humanize them, that free them, that help them get on their feet and recover the joy of living.  I also receive it in the name of each of the members of Pedro Poveda Foundation who strongly believe in change through the rights of children and youth.


Thank you for this honor.  It is an encouragement to continue resolutely, together with you and the children of Guatemala, to be part,  of the people and groups that promote human rights, especially the rights of children and adolescents, in our concrete realities."

TA Information, Guatemala.