About Us

About Us

The Teresian Association is an international lay association of the Catholic Church, founded by Saint Pedro Poveda in 1911, in Covadonga, Asturias (Spain). Lay men and women committed to evangelization, human advancement, and social transformation through education and culture are integrated into it, in various associations and movements.

The Teresian Association is committed to a humanizing task which has its roots in the Incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth in history. This is a commitment to the human being and his dignity as the key for any meaningful change. We are women and men who live our faith in daily life, aware of the gift we receive at baptism. We nourish it with prayer, the Eucharist, and fraternal and family communion. This is why we try to ensure that all our actions are inspired by the values and demands of the Gospel.

The Teresian Association was the prophetic intuition of St. Pedro Poveda during the years of his stay in Covadonga, Asturias, Spain (1906-1913) from where he glimpsed the importance of the educational issue in his country. It is the evolution and summit of his first project, a Catholic Teaching Association and of his commitment born in the Caves of Guadix, where he had founded a school for boys and girls who were then excluded from the educational system. He saw in education, in knowledge, and in the advancement of persons the possibility of a response to the social problems of his time and a privileged space for the encounter of each person with God. This was truly his most genuine and genuine concern.

"The men and women that Poveda has in mind walk on the asphalt, earn their bread, complain about things, educate their children or the children of others, they make mistakes, they learn, they hit the mark, they go wrong, they quarrel with their family and they would give their lives for it, they lend a hand, they pray, they work, they have fun, they live with others. They believe in God, they think that people are their brothers and sisters, that the world is wonderful, but that it is worth fighting to make it better for all. In a word, the strong friends of God Pedro Poveda has in mind are courageous ... "2


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